Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tacos Y Mas

Tacos Y Mas has three locations in Dallas..however the new location on Forest and Central seems to be the best as there are actually tables to sit at. Tacos Y Mas is well known for their breakfast tacos, which are served all day. I like the chorizo, egg, and cheese tacos.. but experiment with other tacos on the menu. I had the chorizo breakfast taco, a bean and cheese taco, and the mexicana taco! the tacos are the perfect size- small and can easily be held in one hand for a perfect bite! the hot sauces that are the table are awesome!! definitely give Tacos Y Mas a try if you have never been!

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  1. cant wait to come give these a try!!! so far i havent been impressed w/ a taco place in dtown but it looks like this might be the placE!


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