Monday, November 29, 2010

munch munchhhhh

decided to not blog for a few days over Thanksgiving...ooooops!!! here is a great munchie monday recipe- hot and spicy chex mix!!! mmmmm mmmmm gooood!!! 

Hot N Spicy Chex Mix

1 1/4 lbs. of Imperial Oleo (melted) 
1/3 cup of Worcestershire 
2 tsps. garlic salt
1 tsp onion salt
3 tbs. chili powder
1 large box of Crispix cereal 
1 large box of Life cereal 
1 large box of Rice Chexs cereal 
1 large box of Corn Chexs cereal 
4 cups of pecan halves
1 large bag of pretzel sticks 

1. In two large disposable metal roasted pans, layer the cereal, pecans, and pretzels. 
2. Melt the Oleo and stir in the Worcestershire, garlic salt, onion salt, and chili powder. 
3. Pour butter mixture over the top of each pan. 
4. Bake on 350 degrees for 1 1/1 hours stirring every 25 minutes. Cover with foil if it gets too brown on top. 

You can add as much chili powder as you wish! Also red pepper flakes add some extra heat! You can never seem to make enough of it because everyone keeps on snacking! 

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