Thursday, November 18, 2010

who is this for anyway??

so who is going to read this blog, asked my somewhat protective dad. well..... of course mom will read it and she will send it to her friends and they will read it, thinking oh she has grown up so much. blah blah blah. my sisters will read it and some of their friends might read it once or twice when they don't have anything better to do then sit on the computer for hours at a time going from one site to the next. and then a few people might just happen to stumble upon my blog....well to those of you who do not know me -- JAM ON! I spend hours on my computer each day searching for recipes that I want to try...I look at blog after blog deciding which I like best and why I like it. Then when I am not looking at food, I aimlessly start scrolling through music blogs, clicking download when I feel necessary.....there are thousands of blogs out there that let you download music for free. each day the blogger chooses a song or songs that they are listening to right now and takes the time to find the free download, making it easy and available for you on their site...i will share these sites with you, but I will also share the songs that I am listening to right now via the youTube videos.
Try the recipes....listen to the music because I guarantee you will find something you like!!!!

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