Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tacos tacos tacos

tacos are the big rage lately...people just cant seem to get enough of them. foodies are obsessed with where to find the best tacos. and i have the answer---its not fuzzys, its not rusty taco, and its not torchys..the two runner ups are fuel city tacos and the taco joint, but the best tacos in Dallas are at The Green Spot on N. Buckner. the Green Spot is making some seriously delicious tacos!!! their tacos are made on the spot and made from naturally wholesome and fresh ingredients..i have gone back for more and more and cannot seem to get enough of these tacos. each taco is easily distinguishable from the others with different ingredients and sauces to bring out the diff flavors in the meats. the pork shoulder tacos have a chipotle cream sauce and crispy potatoes while the mahi mahi tacos are served with tomatoes and a jalepeno cream sauce...the roemesco sauce on the shrimp tacos is mmm mmm mmm amazing! get your booty to the green spot and get yourself a taco ASAP!!!!

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